More and more people suffer from cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and have to swallow many pills. If you want to do something good for your heart, you can prevent it. The easiest and most effective way is nutrition. So much can be achieved with nutrition. Which foods are the right ones?

The right food

Healthy fats should be taken into account when selecting foods. Unfortunately, fat has a bad reputation in our society because of all the diets that women in particular often follow. But not all fats are the same. The body needs unsaturated fatty acids such as those found in high-quality olive oil. Fat is also a flavour carrier – and we want it to taste good, too. If the food doesn’t taste right, next time we might go for french fries and currywurst or pizza again. It is better to use high-quality vegetable oils, which are best pressed cold, and less animal fats, such as those found in red meat, should be used in our kitchen.

Plenty of fruit and vegetables

Plenty of fruit and vegetables should also be on the menu. Vegetables, salads and fruit contain many vitamins, minerals and fibre. Green vegetables have a particularly good effect on our heart, because they contain a lot of vitamin B. Spinach, broccoli and chard should be on the menu regularly. So you can set the course by buying the right food.

Regular exercise

A lot of exercise is added. It doesn’t have to be a high-performance sport! Exercise starts with taking the stairs and not the elevator, taking walks, riding a bike to go shopping and not the car. And that regularly. If you use public transport, you can start by getting off the bus or subway one stop earlier than usual and walking the rest of the way. The more regular the exercise, the easier it will be for us. If endurance sports such as swimming or hiking are added, the better for living and staying healthy.

Sufficient sleep is also important for our heart to stay healthy. Since smoking is very bad for our health, you should of course keep your fingers off the glowing stalks.

It is not so difficult to do something good for our heart. The right food, lots of fruit and vegetables as well as high-quality fats and enough exercise and sleep. Actually not so hard, is it? Good luck implementing our tips!